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Q&A with Bob Wallace, Baltimore Mayoral Candidate

With Election Day next Tuesday, David Nevins sat down with Independent Baltimore City mayoral candidate Bob Wallace to discuss the state of the race, his plans for Baltimore, and the final campaign push leading up to the election.

David Nevins: It seems like it was just yesterday that you announced your plan to run for mayor. This campaign season has been unlike any we’ve seen in the past. What’s your experience been like campaigning during a pandemic?

Bob Wallace: Campaigning in a pandemic has had its challenges. The usual ways of reaching constituents – door knocking, events, rallies – have been severely limited during this time. We’ve had to be innovative in our outreach to voters, which we’ve done through extensive digital outreach, a strong media presence and grassroots campaigning efforts. Since starting my campaign, we have walked over 500,000 steps as I have canvassed 32 zip codes and nearly every neighborhood in Baltimore City, meeting with and hearing directly from the people of our great city. As part of my Walk with Wallace campaign, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to speak with Baltimoreans in their own neighborhoods, listen to them and hear first-hand what issues affect them most and share my plans to address the many pressing issues facing our communities.

DN: As someone who has never run for public office before, is there anything that’s surprised you these past few months?

BW: I have been energized by the outpouring of support from people in every corner of the city from Democrats to Republicans to Independents as we build our coalition of support. The common theme is that people are tired of the same failed leadership and are ready for a leader who will put people over profits, people over party, and people over politics. I’ve been energized by the support I’ve had along the way and will not rest until we chart a new path forward for our city. My experience as an accomplished business professional and entrepreneur, as well as my commitment to create 100,000 jobs and spur $1 billion in investment, has come as a relief to constituents during this economically challenging time. I think Baltimore voters are ready for a visionary leader who will guide the city through the pandemic and beyond.

DN: A recent poll came out showing you gaining traction in the race. Tell me more about that.

BW: The recent poll reflects the changing mindset in the city and shows that we are well withing striking distanced of wining this election. Voters are tired of settling for the establishment candidate, and many of Baltimore’s voters – at least 16 percent – are still undecided. Now is the time for Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters alike to come together to make the leadership change we all wish to see for Baltimore. Brandon Scott has had a front row seat in City Hall for the past ten years and hasn’t brought about any impactful change. Voters are starting to see that this is not the type of leadership the city needs, and I think the poll reflects that notion. They understand that this election presents a real opportunity to create the necessary change that our city needs now more than ever.

DN: What are your hopes for Baltimore beyond November 3rd?

BW: Beyond November 3rd, there must be swift action by new leaders in Baltimore to make momentous as well as disruptive changes and restructure systems that have stifled our communities for far too long.

I commit myself to the people of Baltimore to lead those changes with integrity and honesty in a way that will make Baltimoreans proud. I will continue giving back to my community, holding elected officials accountable, and bringing opportunity and change to the city I love.

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