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At Nevins & Associates, we practice what we call bottom-line oriented public relations and marketing.  “Good” public relations is measured not by the amount or frequency of media coverage or by attendance at a special event, but by the effect it has on your bottom-line.  The true measure of a public relations and marketing campaign is how effectively it forwards your overall business objectives: better relationships with customers, increased knowledge of your product, or an increased community profile.  In order to achieve those bottom-line results, Nevins & Associates learns your business from the ground-up and works closely with you throughout your entire marketing process.  By making your goals and objectives ours, we are better prepared to offer strategic planning and advice.  In that way, we move beyond what some expect from a traditional public relations and marketing firm.


A relationship like the one we’ve described, in which Nevins & Associates is a true marketing partner, creates a unique agency-client relationship, where the sharing of concerns and ideas is an important part of day-to-day business.  Our clients trust us and appreciate our ability to see the “big picture” and share the belief that good public relations and marketing makes good business sense.


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Nevins & Associates

Nevins & Associates is a highly regarded strategic communications company and proactive public relations partner.  Our regional and national client base is a unique mix of organizations across a variety of industries including:  healthcare, professional service firms, finance, not-for-profits, distributors, state agencies, national media companies, technology, political and grassroots campaigns, real estate development, sporting events, and more.

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